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Leadership continues to fall short on meeting many essential needs of people, and the planet.

In consequence, this service is being developed to help every man, woman, and child, with Life issues.

It is free, easy to use and confidential.


Many sources of advice exist about Life issues but, for a specific reason, very few provide the soundest possible help.

The reason why is because the highest level of knowledge is rarely shared.

Behind even the 'best' Consultancy help is this level of knowledge known by very few experts, and seldom shared.

The outcome is appalling levels of needless harm.

'' is part of a wider aim to reverse this huge 'social' disadvantage.



Political Leadership believes the public has access to best possible assistance about Life-related issues, when this is not true.

Were existence of the ultimate level known, everyone could access sounder information about imperative LIfe-related subjects.

In promise would be measurable reductions in needless harm, and huge savings in related costs and suffering.

Nothing is achievable until people become aware of this currently-unknown level of Core potentials.

All output within Helping-all aims to work toward remedying this unhelpful situation.



Most people experience needless harm from an early age, for a simple reason.

No-one has adequate formal education about Life, which enables endless misleading and misinterpretations, often enduring throughout entire life-times and even from generation to generation.

Existing Counselling, and other Help services, only take assistance so far, which is not always far-enough to actually resolve issues.

The need is to help people with all Life issues from 'first principles' forward at the level of Consultancy output.

Within 'Helping-all', this process starts with introductory information about each Topic, and advances methodically.

Between varying outputs, all levels of need and understanding are provided for.



Due to needless harm occurring to every person, and most other aspects of existence, the overall aim of this service is extensive.

Its ultimate aim is "To provide everyone with best-possible Consultancy assistance about Life issues".

This is highly feasible by the approaches taken, and is deliverable to everyone.

It involves employing only the most reliable fundamental information to evolve the best possible solutions to each Life issue.

The focus then is on how best to distribute this ultimate level of assistance, to reach even the most disadvantaged people.

The committed aim is to help the entire human race with this unique service.


Please Help

Due to appalling levels of needless harm being caused from Leadership levels down, the human race needs a completely new level of reliable assistance.

This new level must help overcome every Life issue, and everything that undermines the quality of Life across the planet.

'Helping-all' is part of the unique initiative designed to achieve these ideals.

It needs your help to reach as many people as possible, with a view to assisting with the widest possible range of Life issues for as many people as is feasible.

To initiate helping the project, please Make Contact



It is self-evident that Leadership does not have adequate solutions to anything from Climate Change, to Pollution, to Sustainability, to the personal needs of everyone.

'Helping-all' is part of a huge initiative to share ultimate understandings about Life, based on the most Fundamental of Life-related Core Consultancy Information in existence, with a view to helping everyone with Life issues.

This level of assistance is only feasible because of recent discoveries that enable this Absolute level of knowledge to be evolved.

The commitment is to share it as widely as possible, to help everyone.


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